Saga of Apartments in Clackamas Oregon

We sure are blessed, aren’t we? Here in Clackamas, we enjoy relatively mild weather, seasonably. We have so much beauty all around us; the lovely greens in all their variety. The trees, they sky, the birds.

Stop This. If you’re reading this, saying, yeah, right! Try looking for an apartment in your so-called ‘lovely’! There are no vacant apartments in Clackamas Oregon.” Well, then you’re in luck.

Besides, we’ve already determined that Clackamas is an especially lovely place. So, let’s find reason to stay! Yes, there are apartments in Clackamas Oregon. One must need to know where to look.

There are very reasonable rates for a fun-filled day with the family. Lots of rides, food, games, along with free admission are there. Older, by today’s standards, but well worth the $13 unlimited band, and the park is very clean and safe. Picture this: Spending a half-day with the family at the Park; you drive home to one of those newer apartments in Clackamas Oregon. The kids are tired; they rest while you take a dip in the pool.

Things to do in Clackamas: Ping Pong’s Pint Size Puppet Museum, established in 2012. Sitting in Southwest Portland, in an appropriately aged corner store from early 20th century is a unique must-see on your Weirdness itinerary, or simply, for the curiously minded. Ping Pong’s Pint Size Puppet Museum is a wonderful place of puppet magic.

The proprietors, Steve and Marty, are the kind of folk that makes you feel right at home. Steve carefully and meticulously explains each and every thing one wants to know about puppets. He’s especially proud of the Wee Sing under the See production, particularly the starfish member of the show.

Czech fairy tales about dragons, told by porcelain-faced puppets in authentic hand- stitched costumes – who could ask for anything more? Come see Master Puppeteers perform their craft in an inspiring and touching way. Picture this: Family from out-of-state visited and they loved these little guys and the puppeteers also!

McLaughlin House is located in Oregon City and has a fascinating history. Amazingly, it’s located in Clackamas. The historical structure was built in 1846 and placed on the list of National Historic Site as the first in western USA. The site is not original, but was moved in 1908 to prevent its demise. (Definitely it is not one of the apartments in Clackamas Oregon.)

The graves of the owners are located on the property. Dr. McLaughlin was a frontier doctor, and founder of Oregon City and Fort Vancouver in Vancouver, Washington. He was called, “The Great White Eagle” by natives; he was also named the “Father of Oregon”. He also is credited with bringing in the first fruit trees to the region. His wife, part Native American, and five feet tall to his six foot four-inch frame must have been interesting to see. She bore eight children.

Dr. McLaughlin befriended many settlers on the Oregon Trail, in spite of his employer’s dissatisfaction at losing money to help these settlers. Not surprisingly, since his employer was Hudson Bay Company and were not participants in the Oregon Trail wagon trains.  Hum, wonder if the Hudson Bay Company had something to do with now, Apartments in Clackamas Oregon?