New Year, New Apartment in Your Future?

Have you checked out the apartments in clackamas oregon? It seems that many locals believe the apartments available are geared strictly towards the more luxury apartments, lining the streets in affluent neighborhoods of our community.

Not so! There are apartments of every size, price, and neighborhood anyone might wish to find. One simply needs to know where to look, that’s all. Clackamas is no different than any other metropolis area.

Today’s Clackamas is assigned all of 97015 zip codes in the state of Oregon. The area includes Portland and has a population density of 2,425 people per square mile in an area of 2.1 square miles in total.

Clackamas enjoys a demographic of being 65% owner occupied, meaning, homes in which the tenants are the owners, and renters take up the remainder, that of about 35 percent. Average total household expenditure in 2000, the latest totals we could find, was $54, 677 and more than $11,000, about the same as the national average.

There are, however, some valuable tips available that will help you research and find that perfect apartment from all the apartments in Clackamas Oregon. The first thing you must do is to determine your own set of priorities. What is your lifestyle? Are you active or sedentary? If you are active, you’ll want to consider whether amenities such as footpaths, bike trails, a pool or gym, would be a factor in your decision. If you prefer going to the gym, then, the consideration would make less of an impact.

If you’re elderly, have health issues, or young children, you must consider the efficacy of having an upstairs apartment – unless, of course, the apartment has a working elevator.

All of us wish to live near our place of work or friends and family. However, that’s not often possible. We are all concerned with the high cost of gas and transportation; those necessary daily commutes must be a valid consideration when choosing from apartments in Clackamas Oregon.

Location will determine how much time you will have to set aside for the daily task of commuting. Therefore, it’s best to start out looking for apartments in Clackamas Oregon – or anyplace, for that matter – where you wish to live first, before initiating the real search. This will help you to have a mindset towards your preferences first, which will make you happiest.

If you have a pet that lives with you, it is crucial to not disregard the varying levels of apartment dwelling pet policies. Some apartments have little or no policy concerning keeping pets and you are free to move in. Conversely, many apartments are quite restrictive. You will be asked about the breed of pet, its temperament, whether it’s trained and how well, and even whether it’s been through obedience training. You may possibly be required to submit a larger deposit than usual to accommodate your pet.

Have some key points in mind when you initiate your search, and it should go quicker, and you’ll be in that new apartment in no time!

Saga of Apartments in Clackamas Oregon

We sure are blessed, aren’t we? Here in Clackamas, we enjoy relatively mild weather, seasonably. We have so much beauty all around us; the lovely greens in all their variety. The trees, they sky, the birds.

Stop This. If you’re reading this, saying, yeah, right! Try looking for an apartment in your so-called ‘lovely’! There are no vacant apartments in Clackamas Oregon.” Well, then you’re in luck.

Besides, we’ve already determined that Clackamas is an especially lovely place. So, let’s find reason to stay! Yes, there are apartments in Clackamas Oregon. One must need to know where to look.

There are very reasonable rates for a fun-filled day with the family. Lots of rides, food, games, along with free admission are there. Older, by today’s standards, but well worth the $13 unlimited band, and the park is very clean and safe. Picture this: Spending a half-day with the family at the Park; you drive home to one of those newer apartments in Clackamas Oregon. The kids are tired; they rest while you take a dip in the pool.

Things to do in Clackamas: Ping Pong’s Pint Size Puppet Museum, established in 2012. Sitting in Southwest Portland, in an appropriately aged corner store from early 20th century is a unique must-see on your Weirdness itinerary, or simply, for the curiously minded. Ping Pong’s Pint Size Puppet Museum is a wonderful place of puppet magic.

The proprietors, Steve and Marty, are the kind of folk that makes you feel right at home. Steve carefully and meticulously explains each and every thing one wants to know about puppets. He’s especially proud of the Wee Sing under the See production, particularly the starfish member of the show.

Czech fairy tales about dragons, told by porcelain-faced puppets in authentic hand- stitched costumes – who could ask for anything more? Come see Master Puppeteers perform their craft in an inspiring and touching way. Picture this: Family from out-of-state visited and they loved these little guys and the puppeteers also!

McLaughlin House is located in Oregon City and has a fascinating history. Amazingly, it’s located in Clackamas. The historical structure was built in 1846 and placed on the list of National Historic Site as the first in western USA. The site is not original, but was moved in 1908 to prevent its demise. (Definitely it is not one of the apartments in Clackamas Oregon.)

The graves of the owners are located on the property. Dr. McLaughlin was a frontier doctor, and founder of Oregon City and Fort Vancouver in Vancouver, Washington. He was called, “The Great White Eagle” by natives; he was also named the “Father of Oregon”. He also is credited with bringing in the first fruit trees to the region. His wife, part Native American, and five feet tall to his six foot four-inch frame must have been interesting to see. She bore eight children.

Dr. McLaughlin befriended many settlers on the Oregon Trail, in spite of his employer’s dissatisfaction at losing money to help these settlers. Not surprisingly, since his employer was Hudson Bay Company and were not participants in the Oregon Trail wagon trains.  Hum, wonder if the Hudson Bay Company had something to do with now, Apartments in Clackamas Oregon?

Affordable options for low earners to find apartments in Clackamas Oregon

My family is involved in the Clackamas region as developers. We’ve recently come under some reproof by locals not happy with the way things are in today’s housing market. I’m here to explain as best I can from the perspective of a developer. The only way for anyone to get through a crisis, no matter the circumstance, is to communicate with the other party in order to reach some sort of understanding, or consent, or whatever.

Perhaps Clackamas, and more specifically, Portland, is willing to work together for the common good, and developers will put aside their vested interests to reach across the aisle. At the core, I believe that everyone’s common interests – common, or similar, but not always exact – to come up with real common sense principles to remedy this problem.  We all are acutely aware of the urgent need for a solution, and how ignoring it creates disharmony, animosity, and ultimately, a mark on the city.

Searching for apartments in Clackamas Oregon and finding affordable housing needn’t’ be an insurmountable task. All of us must do our part and put an end to this discrimination action by default. The most vulnerable of our society are the greatest victims, low-income and disabled individuals and families.

We must work together and target public, private, non-profit, and governmental resources for complete inclusion. Zoning needs to be modified; some of these modifications need only be temporary but mandatory, in order to regulate and control aspects of working towards the cure.

Private developers must be full and complete partners in seeking a solution. Working strategically and focusing on what’s in the city’s best interest, and in a least restrictive environment as much as possible is imperative. While strategizing on personal goals and interests, developers have a unique position to influence a community for a very long time, until modifications are again required in the future.

Every developer I know are “in it”, not for personal wealth accumulation, although, there’s naturally an element of that: we all need money. No, it stems primarily from a keen interest in leaving a mark for society. Leaving it in better shape than when you found it. And leaving it as a legacy for your posterity, and society as a whole.

Real estate developers

  • Consider setting aside a portion of housing planning for the low-income residents of apartments in Clackamas Oregon
  • Come to the table with a fresh positive attitude and work towards a common goal
  • Remember your altruism
  • Look up contacts for support or tips on addressing the crisis; don’t forget to contact your political associates. Perhaps they might initiate tax incentives or other breaks
  • Introduce yourself and new concepts through the use of good public relations firms; make sure you have the right presentation for your goals in mind. Consider what’s best for them first.



As my mother always said, correctly, there is work enough for all to do and it’s best to start right at it. I know we can reach a solution that will be satisfactory for all, in part or completely.

Finding Apartments in Clackamas Oregon

If you are in Clackamas and you work in downtown Portland, be prepared to commute an average of 25 minutes each way to work and back. Keep this figure in mind when looking at apartments. I propose you get yourself another job. Look at what you’re missing! Why in the world would you want to sit attached to your car every single workday, just to listen to music for 50 minutes to 2 hours?

Whether you are an outdoor sports guru interested in maximizing your time on the coast or a mountain or a caffeinated fashion joining the pilgrimage hipster, Portland, Oregon, is a fun and funky place to inhabit. But the intention to be a Portlander is only part of the formula; you still need a place to crash, right? Let Portland Oregon Apartments help find you a flipping sweet place to stay.

Every region boasts a unique set of perks and challenges to human survival, and the Pacific NW is no exception. Apartments in Clackamas Oregon suggest some considerations you ought to weigh in choosing a place to live here.

Rain: Oregon is known as the State Evergreen for a purpose: Amounts of rainfall in Portland to 40 inches per year, more than half this volume happens between October and January. So you have to prepare to make your usual existence in the wetness bald threat. Invest in raincoats and good boots. And in case you are a bike commuter—front and back fenders are absolutely essential.

Sun: A maritime weather can keep the climate in mild temperatures (it sometimes strays more than 15 degrees on either side of 53° F, which is the yearly temperature average), but latitude surprisingly dictates short days in winter. In case you are worried on affective seasonal disorder, we recommend that you select a pad with lots of natural light and south facing windows.

Transport: Portland has decent public transport options, and Amtrak offers rail travel north as well as south. But if you aim to make it out of the metro area, you will need a car. (Just make sure it is a hybrid!)

The crisis of too few Apartments in Clackamas Oregon can be the catalyst to propel the region into the learning to regulate and adjust, as the tide flows, all systems for private and public consumption.

City planners provide attractive offers for people who see for apartments in Clackamas Oregon as follows:

  • Preserving beautiful and affordable homes.
  • Maintaining and keeping up historical buildings.
  • Monitoring and regulating fair rental practices and rates until crisis is tampered.
  • Consider offering subsidies to real estate developers, private and nonprofit, as incentive.
  • Work together with developers and brainstorm for unique solutions, not just the usual.
  • Build up the infrastructure to accommodate better commerce, movability, and function.
  • Increase budgets for utility services while decreasing wasteful spending.
  • Petition the Federal Government to comply with their commitments.

Portland is a diverse town—in more ways than one. Fitting yourself into that diversity can be a trial, but feeling comfortable in your place of residence is propriety number one. Good luck, and welcome to Portland, Oregon!