So, our family has recently moved into one of your lovely apartments in Clackamas Oregon. Wow, do *we* have a lot of trees! I just can’t get over how beautiful this place is. Of course, my new neighbors are forewarning me about the impending doom and gloom of “all that rain and gray skies” in winter, but I think I’ll be just fine. As long as I can look out my living room window and see my new home, I’m happy.

My place is great; I won’t mention its name but my place is close to great shopping and restaurants. I have an easy on and off access to I-205, and I’m just 15 minutes to downtown, and 8 minutes to PDX.

I’m living on what is clearly the top of a spacious hill. The view is fantastic; my new favorite spot is sitting by the pool in the evening, feasting on the flickering lights surrounding the space, growing in intensity with every moment that passes.

Whoever plans these newer apartments is genius, since they’ve achieved a nearly improbable task: no matter in which apartment you choose to live in – there is always a great view! Tons of potentials are there at every turn.

Apartments in Clackamas Oregon seem to be a hot topic of discussion around here. The landscape is dotted with tall cranes of every shape and angle. Everywhere you look, a new apartment complex is rising upward to the sky. Particularly in Portland city proper, there’s much yammering going on about the subject of searching for apartments in Clackamas Oregon.

I must admit, there is – although having plenty of open spaces – much of the general feeling one gets is that the area is impacted with the influx of prospective residents, all searching for that illusive vacant apartment with reasonable rates and amenities. Call it poor city planning, an overtaxed infrastructure, lack of financial means such as funding, new residents, slow attrition, no matter. The issue remains.

I haven’t been here long enough to put my finger on the primary issue; perhaps it’s not as simple as repairing the single biggest problem first and they’ll all follow. No, this will take the concerted effort of all parties involved. Having separate goals and aspirations for one’s benefit is great, but to do it for someone else is phenomenal. When you use positive energies to do something positive without expectation of reward or payback that is truly exceptional and noteworthy. That’s called philanthropic, humanitarian, a benevolent.

Searching and moving into one of the fine apartments in Clackamas Oregon shouldn’t have to be this hard! One shouldn’t have to struggle to find a secure place in which to call home. Freedom to find a home within one’s reasonable expectations and financial means should be every right of every citizen. Conversely, citizens should make all attempts of accommodating the environments they’re placed in, and move towards making improvements as a civic duty.

If we all work together to find solutions to surmounting issues, such as this housing crisis, we will find our world changing for the betterment of all.