Affordable options for low earners to find apartments in Clackamas Oregon

My family is involved in the Clackamas region as developers. We’ve recently come under some reproof by locals not happy with the way things are in today’s housing market. I’m here to explain as best I can from the perspective of a developer. The only way for anyone to get through a crisis, no matter the circumstance, is to communicate with the other party in order to reach some sort of understanding, or consent, or whatever.

Perhaps Clackamas, and more specifically, Portland, is willing to work together for the common good, and developers will put aside their vested interests to reach across the aisle. At the core, I believe that everyone’s common interests – common, or similar, but not always exact – to come up with real common sense principles to remedy this problem.  We all are acutely aware of the urgent need for a solution, and how ignoring it creates disharmony, animosity, and ultimately, a mark on the city.

Searching for apartments in Clackamas Oregon and finding affordable housing needn’t’ be an insurmountable task. All of us must do our part and put an end to this discrimination action by default. The most vulnerable of our society are the greatest victims, low-income and disabled individuals and families.

We must work together and target public, private, non-profit, and governmental resources for complete inclusion. Zoning needs to be modified; some of these modifications need only be temporary but mandatory, in order to regulate and control aspects of working towards the cure.

Private developers must be full and complete partners in seeking a solution. Working strategically and focusing on what’s in the city’s best interest, and in a least restrictive environment as much as possible is imperative. While strategizing on personal goals and interests, developers have a unique position to influence a community for a very long time, until modifications are again required in the future.

Every developer I know are “in it”, not for personal wealth accumulation, although, there’s naturally an element of that: we all need money. No, it stems primarily from a keen interest in leaving a mark for society. Leaving it in better shape than when you found it. And leaving it as a legacy for your posterity, and society as a whole.

Real estate developers

  • Consider setting aside a portion of housing planning for the low-income residents of apartments in Clackamas Oregon
  • Come to the table with a fresh positive attitude and work towards a common goal
  • Remember your altruism
  • Look up contacts for support or tips on addressing the crisis; don’t forget to contact your political associates. Perhaps they might initiate tax incentives or other breaks
  • Introduce yourself and new concepts through the use of good public relations firms; make sure you have the right presentation for your goals in mind. Consider what’s best for them first.



As my mother always said, correctly, there is work enough for all to do and it’s best to start right at it. I know we can reach a solution that will be satisfactory for all, in part or completely.