New Year, New Apartment in Your Future?

Have you checked out the apartments in clackamas oregon? It seems that many locals believe the apartments available are geared strictly towards the more luxury apartments, lining the streets in affluent neighborhoods of our community.

Not so! There are apartments of every size, price, and neighborhood anyone might wish to find. One simply needs to know where to look, that’s all. Clackamas is no different than any other metropolis area. Continue reading

Saga of Apartments in Clackamas Oregon

We sure are blessed, aren’t we? Here in Clackamas, we enjoy relatively mild weather, seasonably. We have so much beauty all around us; the lovely greens in all their variety. The trees, they sky, the birds.

Stop This. If you’re reading this, saying, yeah, right! Try looking for an apartment in your so-called ‘lovely’! There are no vacant apartments in Clackamas Oregon.” Well, then you’re in luck. Continue reading

Affordable options for low earners to find apartments in Clackamas Oregon

My family is involved in the Clackamas region as developers. We’ve recently come under some reproof by locals not happy with the way things are in today’s housing market. I’m here to explain as best I can from the perspective of a developer. The only way for anyone to get through a crisis, no matter the circumstance, is to communicate with the other party in order to reach some sort of understanding, or consent, or whatever. Continue reading

Finding Apartments in Clackamas Oregon

If you are in Clackamas and you work in downtown Portland, be prepared to commute an average of 25 minutes each way to work and back. Keep this figure in mind when looking at apartments. I propose you get yourself another job. Look at what you’re missing! Why in the world would you want to sit attached to your car every single workday, just to listen to music for 50 minutes to 2 hours? Continue reading